Distance Learning Courses 

Personal Stylist Training - R5995

This course is modelled on our 6 day in-studio Personal Styling course, and will equip you with the skills 

and knowledge needed to work as an independent stylist; consulting with clients on a  private or corporate level. 

Includes training manual in PDF format, garment style booklet, colour combining booklet, fashion history booklet, colour analysis 

drapes, colour analysis laminates, figure and face shape analysis laminates, measuring kit and pins, CD with client questionnaires, 

recommended reading list and an e-copy of the highly acclaimed book; Fab Job Guide to Become an Image Consultant.You will 

receive a certificate in Personal Styling on completion, and ongoing career mentoring.


      Module 1

      Introduction to Personal Styling

      Module 2

      Fashion Studies

      Module 3 

      Consulting with Clients


      Module 4

      Colour Analysis


      Module 5

      Figure Analysis

Module 6

Wardrobe Assessments and Wardrobe Planning


Module 7



Module 8

Personal Shopping


Module 9

Male Styling (bonus module)


Module 10

Business Studies

Fashion Stylist Training - R4995

This course is geared to teach you all there is to know about Fashion Styling in either Stills or Film and set you on an exciting path 

to becoming a Stylist.

Includes training manual in PDF format, recommended reading list and an invaluable guide to breaking into the Industry. You will 

receive a certificate in Fashion Styling on completion, and ongoing career mentoring.


      Module 1

      Introduction to Fashion Styling

      Module 2

      Fashion Studies

      Module 3 

      Taking a brief


      Module 4

      Sourcing & Fitting Wardrobe




Module 5

Pre-Shoot Prep 


Module 6

The Shoot - on the job


Module 7

Wrapping a Shoot 


Module 8

Finding Work and Marketing yourself 


Bridal Stylist Training - R3995

This course is ideal for anyone currently working in fashion or styling, wanting to tap into the booming wedding industry, or for 

those already involved in wedding planning, wedding make-up or bridal-wear design and retail.


Includes training manual and notes in PDF format.  You will receive a certificate in Bridal Styling on completion, and ongoing career 

mentoring should you require it.


      Module 1

      Bridal Styling as a career

      Working with brides - the good, the bad and the ugly!

      Interpreting a brides vision

      Module 2

      Wedding dress styles 

      Measuring the bride and body shape

      Colour & fabric choice

      Module 3

      Working with suppliers and manufacturers

      Shopping appointments and fittings


Module 4

Styling the groom

Styling the rest of the bridal party

Coordinating make-up and hair

The big day

Module 5

Setting up your bridal styling business

Setting your fees

Marketing strategy

Website design

Growing and maintaining your business

The importance of your image and self presentation


Male Personal Stylist Training - R2995

This course offers an invaluable addition to the skills of those already working as personal stylists, image consultants or in 

fashion retail for men's wear. 


Includes training manual in PDF format, CD with client questionnaires, recommended reading list, and an e-copy of the highly 

acclaimed book; Fab Job Guide to Become an Image Consultant. You will receive a certificate in Male Personal Styling on 

completion, and ongoing career mentoring.


      Module 1

      Consulting with male clients

      The male style types

      Colour analysis

      Body shapes, proportion & scale

      Wardrobe management & planning

      Male grooming


Module 2

Shopping trips with the client

Conducting a fitting

Choosing a suit & tailoring


Colour Analysis - R2995

This course is modelled on the Colour Analysis module of our 6 day in-studio course, and will equip you with the skills needed to 

provide a full colour analysis service. Ideal for anyone in the fashion, beauty or styling industries, and those wanting to add colour 

analysis to their list of skills. 


Includes training manual in PDF format, colour analysis drapes, colour analysis laminates, a colour combining chart, client colour

questionnaire, a certificate in Colour Analysis on completion and ongoing career mentoring.

      Module 1

      What is colour?

      The Colour Wheel

      Colour Schemes


      Module 2

      History of colour analysis

      Identifying a clients colouring - draping

Module 3

Personal colouring in individuals

Colour harmony and contrast

Psychology of colour

Colour combining

Using colour to camouflage


Fashion Illustration - R3 995

Are you interested in studying fashion design but unable to draw? Trying to find work in the fashion industry but find your

portfolio is inadequate? This distance learning course is perfect for those wanting to acquire fashion drawing skills or brush 

up on existing ones. 


Includes training manual in PDF format, layout pad, pencils, pencil crayons, drawing pen and certificate in Fashion Illustration on 

completion of your training.


      Module 1

      The human figure - basic anatomy, proportions and volume

      The fashion figure - proportions, balance, posture 

      Capturing rhythm & movement


      Module 2

      Shaping heads, limbs, hands and feet

      Drawing from a live model

      The advanced fashion figure - developing a style and mood

      Faces and hair

      Creating figure templates

      Tonal drawing

Module 3

Drawing fabric - draping, folds, movement

Styling collars, cuffs, sleeves, necklines, pockets etc

Technical drawing of garments


Module 4

Exploring different media - coloured pencil, paint, markers etc

The design process - working from a brief or theme

Developing design ideas - theme boards

Creating a collection

Presentation of ideas - story boards

layout, design presentation and mounting of work

Portfolio preparation


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