Why should I choose to train with The Wardrobe Academy?

Our course content is frequently updated and improved upon to keep abreast of trends and changes, allowing us to offer students a wealth of relevant and current 

information through an extremely comprehensive curriculum.

Our Fashion Styling Course is the only one of its kind in the country, and being actively involved in the film industry, both locally and internationally, we are able to 

supply you with valuable industry contacts as well as offer you an introductory meeting with one of Cape Town’s top crewing agents - something no other Fashion 

Styling course in South Africa can offer!

Our Personal Styling Course is not just about image consulting, but has a fresh, modern approach with regards to fashion and styling. Over and above the figure and 

colour analysis skills needed to be a consultant, we cover many other highly beneficial and interesting topics such as a Fashion Studies module covering the history of 

fashion in the 21st century, trend analysis, design elements and principals, fabric technology and more. It also includes an in-depth business studies module, which will 

provide you with valuable information on how to set up your business effectively and market your services.

On successful completion of training, students will be able to work independently, meaning  no royalties or levies will be payable to The Wardrobe Studio or The 

Wardrobe Academy, nor will you be contractually bound or expected to work as an affiliate or Franchisee of The Wardrobe Studio or The Wardrobe Academy.

Furthermore, the training materials included are of the highest quality and offer all you need to get started with consultations right away - there are no hidden costs or 

additional materials and merchandise that need to be purchased in order to start working. Please note that Franchise options are available to certified consultants based 

out of Cape Town.


Once you are a certified consultant you are offered the opportunity of putting the reputation of The Wardrobe Academy behind your business by using our accreditation 

logo and tag line, “A Trained and Recognised Institute of The Wardrobe Academy, South Africa” on your website, email signature and other marketing materials.


Are your courses SETA accredited or recognized by a governing board?

Due to styling and image consulting not yet being recognized qualifications in SA, no training institutes can offer a SETA accredited styling or image qualification; they 

can only be Seta Services Registered. Applications have been made to SETA to consider a qualification for Stylists and Image Consultants, but this process could take 

many years. The Wardrobe Academy is however a recognised and accredited member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).


What kind of support will I get from The Wardrobe Academy on completion of my training?

We take pride in our training and like to keep in touch with students to see how they progress, offering support via email or phone if needed. For those based out of 

Cape Town, we will refer any enquiries from potential clients in your area to you. 

Once I have finished the Personal Stylist training, will I be able to find work immediately?

It is important to understand that your success is in your own hands and largely dependent on how strongly you choose to market yourself and network. We aim to equip 

you with the necessary skills and abilities needed to make your business a success. Once you have completed your training, you will receive a set of highly beneficial 

post-training tasks to work through, in order to gain confidence in your abilities before seeing paying clients.


Once I have finished the Fashion Stylist training, will I be able to find work immediately?

This course aims at equipping you with the knowledge and confidence needed to pursue a career in fashion/wardrobe styling, starting at entry level as a stylist’s 

assistant. Your ability to market yourself and network will determine how much work you are able to get, and the skills you develop through experience will determine 

how quickly you make the transition from assistant to stylist.


Can I start off as a Personal Stylist on a part-time basis or do I need to give up my current job completely?

You can definitely start off on a part-time basis; in fact we encourage this so that you can build up a clientele slowly, while still benefitting from another income.


Can I start off as a Fashion Stylist on a part-time basis or do I need to give up my current job completely?

Because of the nature of this industry, once you start working you would be required by your agent/employee to be available at all times, so working part-time is not 

always feasible.


What can I expect to earn as a Stylist?

Personal Stylists charge anywhere between R250 and R650 per hour for their services, depending on their target market, while a freelance Fashion Stylist’s can expect to 

earn between R700 and R3000 a day, depending on their level of experience.


I am not based in Cape Town, do you offer courses elsewhere?

Currently most of our training takes place in Cape Town, but we do offer courses in JHB from time to time. We have aimed to keep fees realistic and competitive which 

does allow for additional travel and accommodation costs should they be required by out-of-town trainees. Due to the huge interest shown from other areas, we have 

made our training courses available via correspondence. Please note that while we are able to offer a list of accommodation options in the area, booking of 

accommodation, transport and airport transfers are the student’s responsibility and cannot be provided for by the Academy.

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